Question about SEO optimization per post

Hello everyone

I got a question regarding the extra content for search engine per post aka. SEO.

Do I have to provide a Meta title and Meta description for every post I write? Or does Ghost do some magic in the background and use the posts title as meta title and the excerpt as meta description? Will I suffer from reducded search results when not filling out this fields?

Thanks in advance!

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Ghost will automatically populate meta data based on the content of your post, customising it further is optional - and generally most useful if there are specific keywords or search terms you want to target, which don’t already appear in the post content :slight_smile:


Ghost is so cool.

If only it was like that everywhere. On some places you really have to provide a Meta Title and everything has to be perfect for it to work. Ghost is cool that way and the first time I started using Ghost was when it was recommended by seo company san diego. They told me that I do not have to do really that much if I use Ghost, but it is still better if you do some customization and if you do that right it will only be better for you. The thing is that you have to know what you are doing and if not either ask someone to help or don’t customize it further.