How add meta description for posts?

Why posts don’t have

<meta name="description" content="post description" />

tag? How i can make it?

It’s just empty :confused:


You have to fill that yourself.

In post settings just below Authors select Meta Data and type what you want.

When done, click back arrow on top (<) and save the changes. Update the post and check now.

By the way there is no need to have a description as Google creates one automatically. Moreover google picks lines that match a query (it can be from any paragraph or heading) i.e. Google shows different descriptions in search for the same page based on what the user is looking for.

I’d like it to be generated automatically, like og:description and twitter:description :worried:

Hey, I would like to use Ghost on my website and I am new to the platform but I heard a lot of positive response about it. But I have many doubts like how to add meta description? is there a suitable plugin to do that?. Shall I install Ghost on my website mentioned above or should I try it with any new blog? Help please.


They are automatically generated. If your post doesn’t have any content, the description will be empty. Can you link us to an example where a description is not being generated? You can see the automatically generated descriptions on the demo site
not have

 <meta name="description" content="......................." />

Only og and twitter.

Okey, i change ghost_head and now
head.push('<meta name="description" content="' + metaData.twitterDescription + '" />');

work for me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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