Question about the site's meta data settings


I’m very new to this platform and I’m still trying to figure things out, so hopefully my question won’t be too emberassing or anything :smile:

So, few days ago, I was setting up my meta data description and title. When I googled my name, respectively my website, it came up, no problem. However, as I’m still playing around with the core content idea, I changed said meta’s title and description and saved it. Upon googling my website I realized that it hasn’t updated to the new description. No matter how many times I try to save the new description, it wont update :melting_face:. (I hope I could explain sufficiently).

Does anybody know why this is the case and what to do?

Thank you very much

When you google, you get whatever the Google Bot saw last when it visited your site. Sounds like you made changes, but the Google Bot hasn’t been back yet to see them. (That’s not unusual. If you set up your domain in the Google Search Console (free), you can ask Google to come back and scan again, but no guarantees on when exactly that happens.)

You can see what your site is /actually/ serving up by looking at the page source. CTRL-U (or cmd-U), in most browsers.


Thank you for your help! :)

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