Quote paragraphs followed by normal text doesn’t render well in newsletters

Dear developers of Ghost, thank you for this terrific software. Here’s a friendly suggestion for what I think would be an improvement:

Every time I read a newsletter with a paragraph of text formatted as a quote my eyes hurt. There’s no break or space between the quote and the following text.

This is not how things look in the editor and certainly not how a normal theme would render it.

Suggestion: make a paragraph break after the quote, just like the behavior between the quote and the text above it. Thanks!


@Caucasus-and-Mercury what environment are you reading the newsletter in?

  • Operating system + version
  • Email client + version
  • Device (if on mobile)

This is how newsletters look across most clients but email clients are notoriously finicky so there may be a specific bug somewhere.

Oh right sorry i didn’t think of that.

Issue is with my iPad. Phone and laptop render fine.

iPad 7th gen

iOs 14.6 (latest as of July -21)

Isn’t it a strange thing that different apps render mail so differently? What is there for anyone to gain from that? Thanks anyway !