Newsletter rendering issues in Outlook

Hi there,

I am up and running with a members-enabled site, payments are hooked up to Stripe and most stuff work flawlessly.

But when I am sending out newsletters, I get feedback from people opening the newsletter in Outlook (Office 365) on Windows 10, that the pictures are WAY too large, and that they have to scroll sideways to read the newsletter.

Will I have to use pictures only 600px wide, or should the newsletter template in Ghost take care of this automatically?

Thanks again for building such an awesome CMS.

  • Nic

Hey Nic :wave:, thanks for the kind words and sharing your experience of Members! Did one of your subscribers share what they are seeing? There’s an open issue on GitHub that looks similar to what your Members are experiencing:

Thanks for your swift response @DavidDarnes. It looks very much like the same issue. I am uploading three different screenshots from what it looks like in one members Outlook, and one screenshot from another members Outlook. On the last image the member has indicated with an arrow how wide the newsletter is. Notice that the first and last image are more or less identical, and the screenshots are from two different computers both running Outlook (Office 365) and Windows 10.

I have tested the newsletter in Outlook on Mac, on iPhone and on the web, where the problem does not exist. Seems like the problem is isolated to Outlook on Windows 10.

Notice on the image I have named “Outlook Newsletter - Bookmark”, that one of five bookmarks is incredibly wide compared to the rest. I don’t know if it is a coincidence. The link to that article is

Yea this does look similar. The best advice I can give is to follow along with that GitHub issue, that’s where you’ll get the most up to date news on it’s resolution. If you have a GitHub account you can subscribe to the issue too :+1:

Thanks @DavidDarnes I have subscribed to the issue on GitHub. I hope there is a quick and easy fix to this problem. I know everything is in Beta and that it is the price of adopting new solutions at such an early stage, but it is tricky to have paying subscribers getting a daily newsletter that looks like that. Is it of any help that I add the pictures I have posted here on GitHub?

Best to just keep an eye on it. Yes, please bear in mind that Members is still a beta feature. Also worth bearing in mind that Outlook users only account for a portion of your audience :slight_smile:

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