Real Noob question

Hi !

As I’m a Newbie I would like know more about how Ghost is working

First question : Is possible to add page without coding and if yes how you design it and what are the limitations ?

Last Question : If I buy a theme like Royce Demo for example how many pages will I get ? The same as the Demo ?

I’m sorry I know that is very basical question but It will help

Thx for any replying

See you soon

Usually, Ghost themes have a post and a page template and maybe some very specific page templates (i.e. index of tags and authors).

You can create any number of pages you want, but you will most probably have the same template for all of them (default page template).

There is no page builder in Ghost to allow for building your own page layout so you would need a developer for that.


Welcome to ghost. You can take a test drive with ghost from our demo ghost blog. You will get the login credential there,

You can create unlimited pages from the admin dashboard. There have no any restriction to create pages.

You may download the free ghost theme Casper to understand about the theme files. You may feel free check our ghost themes too.

If you still not clear or have any other questions, feel free contact us any time for any kind of ghost theme development issue.