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Dear community,
I’m trying to run the site but for a newbie, it’s really challenging.
Why you don’t want to share examples of popular first pages?
I want to obtain the first page like ghost.org as a basic home page. Can you share makeup of this page integrated with ghost pro?
Thanks a lot! Hope for help

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I’m not sure to follow what you mean. Who don’t want to share exactly?

Why you don’t want to share examples of popular first pages?

Try to explain. I have experience with WP, Joomla, Tilda and Medium. Now I want to try to start a new project on ghost. And I can confirm that main issue that I can’t do this without markup developer to build a first page.
What you have to add to the product: basic temples for the first page (text block, picture with text, 3-4 pictures line). And I’m ready to buy product and use it Cloud version. But for now, I can’t understand how to run such a simple data blog like datarob.com. Can anybody share such templates?
Thanks a lot!

Datarob seems like a pretty standard simple-themed blog site. Except a number of their homepage links don’t seem to work.

If you want something like that…

  • Install Ghost (or subscribe to the hosted service that ghost.org provides).
  • Add information pages (About, etc.)
  • Get email subscription working (the hardest part for many folks).
  • Change the theme from the default (Casper) to match your wants and needs – zillions are available
  • Customize the theme through tweaks of your own.


There are also docs for creating a separate homepage so you can have:

yoursite.com/ = homepage
yoursite.com/* = other specific pages
yoursite.com/blog/ = your blog content

hello, Thanks for the response.
I don’t require any theme - Casper is fully Ok for me. But I need templates for info page, for home page and I can’t do this without markup.
I asking community to share 2-3 templates of non-blog pages

I don’t know if there is a “template” per ce. They are the same as blog posts, just labeled differently and given an individual tab.

Everything is markup, but it is all pretty hidden from the writer (or not if you don’t want it to be). I threw this together on my blog in about 5 minutes.


You can muck with the text just like you do another other text and use the little formatting window… or do direct html… or do direct markdown. I prefer markdown because it is extremely simple (this comment field in this forum is using markdown, for example, to format everything.

Anyway, not sure what else to tell ya. I think you may be overcomplicating this.