Reasons to Upgrade to Ghost 1.0 ? (yes you read right)


What are the benefits? Only one I can think of is:

  1. Security.

I run a couple old LTS blogs, which I realize are unsupported. I came to ghost as a “simple blogging platform with markdown” which it was sans the whole “had to manage it and learn all about npm/node management”.

The upgrade sounds pretty hairy TBH, I don’t want to deal with a headache twice (lts to 1, 1 to 2).

I’m honestly not even sold on 1 - these are small hobby blogs, if I want to security harden them if they ever were to get ‘big’ I’d just make sure the admin url is inaccessible to the web and ssh into it instead, and keep a copy of the sqlite database burned to a couple dvds in a safe.

“Buut that sounds so difficult!! Why don’t you just use <supposed-to-be-easy-tool-here> instead of your <insert-judgemental-hipster-comment-about-tried-and-true-tech-being-dated>”

Yeah…no don’t try that on me. If you want to use that one, get off of the web, its 30+ years old and TLS has holes in it. Clearly none of your security matters, you just like the idea of JS or something.

But, besides that, any selling points? I’m not gonna try it ‘just cause’, although I’m admittedly curious, I’m thinking maybe Ghost was a mistake and I’ll just look elsewhere (wordpress, or somebody else will build a blog platform in Vue or Angular for lulz or something).

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