Newsletter Question - Can I subscribe to the newsletter of just one Author?

Hi all,

So for example,
If I have multiple authors on my Ghost blog platform, as a new member, can I subscribe and receive emails from just one author in particular? Is there a way to configure that in Ghost Admin or somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

Currently, Ghost does not have a way for new members to choose their own tags or perks. (It’s been requested.) So, you would have to manually collect author preferences from new members, probably as some sort of Google form included in their Welcome email. Then, you would have to set up a tag for each author, and use that tag when you send out emails.

Thank you Bruce for the information. Has that been done before? Is there a tutorial to follow? How and where would you put those author tags? Sorry for the multiple questions and have a great weekend!

No, no tutorial. Just create your own Google form with all the member labels as checkbox options (authors, perks, whatever). Then include a link to the form in your Welcome email.

Then, whenever someone completes the form, add those choices as member labels, and only send an email to the persons with that label or labels.

It’s definitely a kluge, but the only way I know to do it.

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Thank you Bruce very helpful workaround I will consider it =)