Redirect Newsletter "View Online" to another website

Hello there, I have a newsletter running and I want to point the “View Online” to another website of mine, I know that I can embed a javascript function window.locate.href for it, but since I’m using docker, and Ghost v5, I would like to know if there’s another quickly way of passing the parameter or if I have to manually modify ghost/admin/app/components/modals/newsletters/edit/preview.hbs or ghost/core/core/server/services/mega/template.js and rebuild the image.

Details: Ghost 5.33, Mysql 8, docker-compose

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This part of Ghost is not customizable without forking it, but it seems to be somewhat unusual request for customization.

It sounds like every newsletter will be hosted twice-- once in Ghost to send the newsletter and a second time on a second website where the “View Online” link will go. It’s not clear how the two copies are going to be maintained and kept in sync.

Another alternative could be to set up a redirect on these posts on your Ghost site to redirect to the other site, but that would be tedious to create a new redirect each time you make a newsletter post.

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Hmm, interesting, so, what we need is to stop forward this link to to Maybe I could try some rule with Nginx?

Yes, Nginx could help with that.