Reload cycle for navigation.hbs

Version 2.18.3 in an NGINX configuration.

After making changes to navigation.hbs there is an indeterminate delay before the changes appear in a client browser. Is this due to Ghost or NGINX caching? How can I avoid the delay and make the changes appear immediately?


John Clark

@JohnHClark3 how are you making changes to navigation.hbs and what environment are running in (development/production)?

If you’re editing the file on the server directly whilst in production mode you’ll need to restart Ghost after each change. However, if you’re uploading a theme via the admin panel then the changes should be immediate.

If you are using the admin panel, or restarting after making changes, and you still see a delay in changes appearing then we’d need more information to be able to help you such as your nginx config and details of any CDN/cache you have in front of your site.

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