Remove date on posts - Casper theme


Can anyone please share the code injection to use to remove the date on the Casper theme? I’m on Ghost (Pro).

Thank you!

Hey Tash - I think its this

time.article-byline-meta {
display: none;

(check by right clicking on the date, and in the ‘inspect’ panel of your browser, just find the correct element.

Then just paste in the above (including the style open/close brackets)

Thank you. I tried this but it didn’t work for me unfortunately

time.article-byline-meta { display: none; }

Link the site? Its a lot easier to troubleshoot live code.


Ok. It’s

Thank you

Your selectors are wrong. Probably developed for a different theme?

time.byline-meta-date looks like what you want. Or to target dates on the homepage.


This absolutely worked! Thank you SOOO much. I’m new to Ghost after using Wordpress (self-hosted) for many, many years. I’m not a web developer and I’m still getting to grips with Ghost, so I very much appreciate your help.


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