Replacing author underneath post with "Read Article" - help?

Hi there!

I am pretty new to Ghost customisation. I have recently installed the Simply theme for Ghost (edit: just saw that @GodoFredoNinja is on the forum - hey there! I would really appreciate your help), and I would like to replace the author bit underneath each post with a “read article” link (as shown below).
I would really appreciate any help! Thanks :slight_smile:

Replace this bit:

with a “read article” link, as shown on

@saimkhan it looks like you can enable the “read more” link by updating a couple of lines in the theme.

You’d want to change these two files:

Replace both of the highlighted sections with:

{{!-- Read more --}}
<a href="{{url}}" class="link-more u-fontSize15 u-fontWeightMedium">{{t "Read more"}}</a>

and you should get what you’re looking for.

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Thanks a lot! That worked great :+1: