REQ: simple roll down menu for language selection

Hi folks,
first days using Ghost: It’ just beautiful! I’m planning on using it with Directus.

I can read language selection has been a topic for the last few years.
I have to share with you my view on this particular and ‘touchy’ subject - as a french user. Let me tell you how important it is for the French to be able to activate his own language! I’m afraid this setting isn’t yet at the level the average french person would expect. And I recon it could be a brake to Ghost usage in this community.

Either for admins, users and web pages, improving this feature could be a substantial improvement in our interconnected networks - where languages and customs are still at work (for the best ;).

Language and Translation are not yet a topic Category on the forum. Which would be simply AWESOME! if they happened to be opened, and treated as a common matter - and where languages could be added as tags.

Please share your mind about this :) Thanks you


Nice to see new people on the board :grin:

Staff and other users, are working on translation for other languages, but You need to find this topic on forum :muscle:

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thank you very much for your welcoming message @AnimaVillis :)

I guess we are the same, aren’t we?
we have time to find
but no time to search :sweat_smile:

I’d be more than happy to help with french translation, as I did yesterday :v:

have a great day