Requisite sharp features/API to enable configurable image compression?

I was writing a new post on my photo blog when I discovered that my images look like trash once I open the preview in another window. That’s when I discovered

and consequently

And I see that Ghost doesn’t have any codepaths to use other-than-default compression/quality right now:

I don’t want my images to look like trash (and I also don’t want to force my readers to download PNGs instead of a more reasonable format). So what kind of API would need to exist in order for Ghost to provide some configurability here? Just “default” / “better” / “best”? Something else? Would there be a desire to support even more aggressive compression than the default?

Compression and optimisation config is documented here.

If you’re not satisfied with those options you can configure an external storage adapter, such as cloudinary, to host and optimise media externally to Ghost

Any news? @John the compression/quality feature is not in the documentation because it has not been implemented yet.

The default quality for JPEG files is 80% which is way too low for me. It has been a while now and I don’t see any other possibility than uploading png files images in order to preserve the image quality…

Did you plan to add this option soon ?

From the link directly above: