Upload Images - Error 502

Hey there,

I’m trying to upload a 11kb png file.
An 502 error code is thrown. The Network response prints out:
“Incomplete response received from application”
No ghost logs found.

The Ghost APP is handled via nginx from Plesk and cloudflare is in use.

Does anyone have an idea?

Check out this issue thread, it may give you some fixes to explore. I was getting 502 errors when attempting to upload images and updating my sharp dependency to 0.24.1 fixed the problem.

If you’re able to upload images when running your server using ghost run but not ghost start you may be experiencing the same issue.


You are my hero. That worked. Thanks.


Glad to hear that!

thank you it works! what I was looking for!

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Hi all! Ghost 3.9.0 was just released with sharp 0.24.1, which should fix the issue here. :slight_smile:

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@daniellockyer Any chance lossless image optimization is planned to be incorporated?

Edit: A quick search seems to indicate that some compression is occurring upon image upload, but when running jpegoptim and optipng on my images dir I’m seeing significant savings for PNGs. Are PNGs not optimized the same way that JPGs are?