Resolving url's in ghost app on github pages

My ghost blog on github pages is not working
repo url: GitHub - karthikchintala1/

As I figure it out the url’s in the static folder might not be correct as I saw them still pointing to http://localhost:2368.


Ghost version: 1.25.4
Python version: 2.7.15
node version: 8.11.3
Windows 10 x64

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Downloaded the ghost and unzipped to a folder
  2. npm start on the folder
  3. Working in local
  4. buster generate (generated static folder)
  5. buster deploy (deployed)
  6. Accessed site it’s not working as the urls are not resolved

I’m not sure how to map these url’s to the root directory of the github repo.

Please help.

You need to tell Ghost what your site URL is, or it will default to localhost. you can find the docs here

I did set that url to point to github pages url but still it didn’t work.

And BTW, I don’t see config.production.json on the ghost folder to update the URLs but instead I see bunch of files in core/server/config folders

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