Response code 401 (Unauthorized)

hey everybody!

New to Ghost and excited about digging in, but having issues installing locally. I’m following these instructions - How to install Ghost locally on Mac, PC or Linux. I looked at similar issues like this one raised in the past, example here. Not finding where a solution is.

I’ve installed the CLI globally and when I run ghost install local I see this error.

✔ Checking system Node.js version - found v16.13.0
✔ Checking current folder permissions
✔ Checking memory availability
✔ Checking free space
✔ Checking for latest Ghost version
✔ Setting up install directory
✖ Downloading and installing Ghost v5.22.4
An error occurred.
Message: 'Response code 401 (Unauthorized)'

Debug Information:
    OS: macOS, v12.5.1
    Node Version: v16.13.0
    Ghost-CLI Version: 1.23.1
    Environment: development
    Command: 'ghost install local'

Can someone help point me in the right direct?

How did you install Node? In the topic you linked, they mentioned that their NPM config was interfering with the download.

Likewise, it seems like something in your config or machine is blocking the download.

I installed Node via NVM. Have multiple versions downloaded so I just chose one of my existing versions that Ghost recommends. Don’t typically have NPM config issues when it comes to downloading any other packages, but I’ll look into it.

yeah, looks like my problem was like the previous person’s problem. Some code I had in my .npmrc file was for some reason blocking the install. Will have to circle back as to why, but temporarily removing allows the download to work. Thanks for taking a look @RyanF !

Awesome you figured it out! :technologist: If you can, would you share the config that was interfering? I’m sure it’d be helpful to other users who face the same issue.