Rising Price Subscriptions

What happens if I increase the price of my subscription?

Let’s say it costs $10 a month to access my paid work and I increase the price to $12.

Will my existing members remain? Will they have to subscribe again? Will they automatically be charged more?

I want a specific behaviour that I am not sure is possible.

I want to set a price that’s fairly low at the beginning but increases over time as the value of my offering goes up. I want paid subscribers that join early to be rewarded by having the low subscription price locked in for the length of their subscription.

So that if I increase the prices, they won’t affect what existing subscribers pay.

Is this possible?

Customer A subscribes to your paid plan for $10, this creates a subscription in Stripe for $10 p/m.

You increase the price of your paid plan on your site to $12.

Customer B comes along and subscribes to your $12 paid plan. Customer B’s subscription in Stripe is $12. Customer A’s subscription is $10.

Customer A forgets to update his payment method, his subscription lapses and is ended. Customer A resubs, but this time it’s $12.

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Will customer A have to update his payment method if I increase the price? Or do you mean if he changes credit cards or something?

No, my example was meaning to show that the subscription in Stripe will stay the same as long as it remains active. If the customers cancels or something happens that causes the subscription to drop, but then wants to resubscribe later on, they would have to resubscribe at the new price.

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Nice! That’s exactly the behaviour that I want!

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