Roadmap to Ubuntu 18.04

Just a quick question about the planned roadmap to also include Ubuntu 18.04 into the list of supported environments now that 18.04.1 LTS is out and Ubuntu recommends upgrading the 16.04 distribution to the newer version.


@dsecareanu Possibly. If you skip the system stack check in Ghost-CLI ghost install --no-stack then in theory everything should work, Ubuntu 18 as far as I can tell still uses systemd for the process manager.


@dsecareanu I was creating a few Ghost sites this weekend on Ubuntu 18.04 with ghost install (no extra options/parameters) and it worked perfectly so even when ghost-cli warn you about the Ubuntu version, the final result is a working installation of Ghost.

FYI: Ubuntu 18 support · Issue #794 · TryGhost/Ghost-CLI · GitHub - I’m gonna look into making ubuntu 18 support official :smile:


Great, thanks! :slight_smile:

My post wasn’t about system upgrade to 18.04 (and if it works, rather if it is officially supported) but rather a question about Ghost moving forward and keeping up to date with technology :) also in the context of 2.0 coming out.

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