Upgrading server from 18.04 to 20.04


I have seen that the install guide mentions that ubuntu 20.04 is now supported.

If I upgrade my current install from 18.04 to 20.04, will it break ghost?
Or should I make a new clean install?

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I’m not familiar with what might happen when Upgrading an existing Ubuntu install.

But I am running Ghost 3.x on Ubuntu 20.04 in an AWS instance without any notable issues.

I’m a Ghost user (Digitalocean droplet) with no experience, knowledge or real understanding of how things work. I upgraded to 20.04 and it works terrific. I just followed the instructions given in the terminal by the CLI. One thing: there are a dozen of warnings/questions during the upgrade process, asking wether I want to upgrade or use my old settings file-something, and I click no, in other words no upgrade but save old settings.

I was told the process might take hours, but in my case it took maybe 20 minutes.

Maybe this helps.

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Thank you both. I’ll do a snapshot of my vm just in case and I’ll try the upgrade and see how it turns out.

So… the upgrade to 20.04 went well exept that I had to reinstall nodejs and npm after the upgrade. Once it was installed, Ghost loaded up again. :slight_smile: