routeKeywords has gone from vim current/core/server/config/overrides.json in latest update



Within our blog we change the tag -> category and author -> authors, so for example would equal

However, when we’ve gone to update this is gone from the latest release the routeKeywords array is now missing, where can we now change this?


Hey :upside_down_face:

The routing keywords are no longer part of the overrides.json config since 1.24.0. This is true. The config values in this file are not configureable. You would have to change Ghost core - but you probably know that :slight_smile:

Now i have good news for you. Your use case is now officially realisable with Dynamic Routing Beta, but we haven’t announced it yet. We haven’t published any docs, but we will do so asap.

I’ve sent you a message how to achieve this with >= 1.24.0.

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