Cannot locate casper theme

Hi All,

I’m new to ghost.
I have installed v3.11.0 successfully via the following:

docker run -d
–restart always
–name ghost-blog
-v /home/user/ghost/content:/var/lib/ghost/content:z
-p 2368:2368
-e url=

On the host, when I list the contents of /home/user/ghost/content/themes/ there is a symlink for casper as follows:

casper -> /var/lib/ghost/current/content/themes/casper

If I exec into the ghost container and check the directory:


the directory is empty.

Hoping for direction please as to where the theme is located, so that I am able to inspect/modify/copy/backup it’s contents.

Any direction greatly appreciated.

Hey @user10101 :wave:
You want to be looking in /content/themes/ for the theme code. However I’d recommend downloading Casper from Ghost admin in the Design view and uploading your own customised version. That way your changes won’t get overwritten when you update Ghost, as Casper is a pre-installed theme with Ghost :slight_smile:

Any other questions you have just ask :+1:

At a glance it looks like you are mounting over the original directory. You’ll need to copy the contents of the content/ directory from a fresh install to the volume you want to use for content.

You can leave the original content intact and use an alternative directory that you’ve copied the original into. You would need to change the path with something like this:

"paths": {
	"contentPath": "/my/mounted/ghost/content/"

Thanks all for the responses.
I reinstalled and the symlink started working properly.

Have taken your advice and am hosting blog in a custom casper implementation.

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