Running Ghost Pro on sub folder of Wordpress Server

This maybe a daft question, but is it possible to use the hosted ghost(pro) version of the blog system but have it run to the user on rather than sub folder.
I want the benefits of the hosted version, but the SEO benefits of my content on my main domain.
Main site is wordpress on


Yes. Sort of. You’d need to set up a reverse proxy (Cloudflare would be my go-to) and rewrite all the URLs. Outgoing emails (newsletter etc) are going to be shown as (unless you pay Ghost Pro to do a subdirectory setup), so you’ll want to make sure your reverse proxy gets those to the right location. It’s going to be fussy, but it can be done.

Tip: Set up the ghost site as and get Ghost to validate the custom domain. THEN set up the proxying.

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Thanks Cathy, appreciate it :ok_hand: