Safari is still showing the old fav icon when all other browsers are showing the correct one

my blog:
Self Hosted on DigitalOcean: Version 4.12.1

The issue I am having is that Safari on iOS and Mac are showing my old fav icon which was changed months ago.

See below: left is safari and right is firefox:

I have tested this on multiple devices and the issue appears to only affect Safari. I have gone ahead and reuploaded my favicon on the website but still does not solve the issue. restarted ghost. still not luck

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Safari caches favicons much more heavily than other browsers. If you search online you can find steps to force a refresh, they essentially come down to

  1. Open the site in a new private window (sometimes works)
  2. Quit Safari and delete the favicons cache folder

Thank you @Kevin

I undertook the following steps and the issue is resolved on the MAC:

  1. Open Finder and select COMMAND + SHIFT + G

  2. In the drop-down window that appears, type ~/Library/Safari/Favicon Cache and hit the Go button.

  3. Delete everything inside the Favicon Cache folder