Say hi! Also tell us your thoughts on what would make this forum useful

Nice to see you taking time to do things to make the community better.


Moving away from proprietary, centralized services seems to be a trend nowadays. But it’s a good one because of privacy.

I also used this Slack channel once, but lost interest because I just didn’t like to go through hundreds of messages each day.

Ghost has become my favorite blogging platform over the last year and I love to now have a place with fellow Ghost enthusiasts.


Hi all, I do prefer this to Slack, much easier to find things and follow topics you’re interested in :+1:t2:. I think Slack struggles with large communities, too easy for stuff to get lost. Thanks for setting this up :1st_place_medal:

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This is really a great idea to have a public forum rather than slack.


Awesome! Finally installing the Discourse app on my iPhone… :sunglasses:

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I’m a Discourse fanboy, so I love this move. As the ghost community continues to grow, Slack may still have a place, but Discourse is good even if just to better facilitate async communication, and making that communication durable. :+1:

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New to Ghost, looking for a good long term tech/dev blogging platform.
Interested to see how this compares to Medium and Wordpress.

Quite new to Ghost as well. Already got help here, thanks @Juan. And a nice lesson regarding my first message which was flagged as spam… :blush:

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Wordpress is more than a blogging platform. It is huge and you can do a lot of it. It’s the most complete CMS you’ll find. Medium seems to me like a more direct competitor to Ghost because they have the same target of users: bloggers. Medium did some unpleasant changes for both clients and end users. You can’t use a custom domain anymore and that will be bad for a lot of people. Also, now, as a simple user, I have to pay 5$ to read more than 3 articles. That is something that I definitely don’t like. We’ll see how things will move on.


Thanks, thats interesting. I think it will come down to running cost and ease of use for me. Would be intesting to see some detailed comparisons.

Hi! Greetings from the Discourse team :wave: We’re very happy to see the Ghost community being so excited about this transition. It’s not often that a switch of community platforms happens with so little controversy.

Jeff Atwood, co-founder of Discourse, is also happily using the Ghost + Discourse combo on

I take it you’re using our standard JavaScript embed? That should suffice, but it’d be great to have an official Ghost app that makes this completely plug-and-play ;)

If there’s ever anything you’d like to discuss about the Discourse platform, you can find us at!


Thanks for having us :hugs: - totally agree on having an integration! We should chat


On WordPress or Ghost, some good old articles (now Ghost is even better):

Hi, I also believe a forum is the best place for a discussion instead of a chat room. At least for serious ones.

Hi All,

Glad to be here, I would go to the slack for help and the devs were always so helpful. I feel the forum will be a better way to find info that may have already been answered before. So that’s always a good thing. Thanks to all the devs for always being so helpful!


Thanks for making this community a better experience for both the ghost team and the user community. Though will be sad to not be able to directly communicate with an experience dev when having issues… But do understand the “ghost town” feel that Slack had with this community as well.

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Why will you not be able to? We’re right here :slight_smile:


Thanks to create the forum for us. It would really helpful for us to communicate each others, troubleshoot our problems and share ideas. I think it would be a great directory to get all the solutions in one place.

I will try to be active here to get the solutions and give the solutions as well.

Haha yah I know, just when time zones overlap I personally find a real app (not based on email notifications) is a better / shorter turn around for engagement.

Interesting, I didn’t know Medium had done that. I can see that being a deal breaker for quite a few people, it certainly would be for me. (But of course I use Ghost :slight_smile: )