Scenario #3 – Migrate patrons to an independent website

I just finished reading the latest post from the Ghost blog:

Down in Scenario #3, “Migrate patrons to an independent website”, it’s stated that the goal is to “Move your business to your own membership site entirely and import your existing Patrons”, and more specifically, “migrate/import your patrons”. Last of all it’s stated that “You’d need to make sure the software you use allows you to import members”.

What I’m wondering is, is this actually possible with Ghost in an automated sense? I know we can connect a Patreon account to Ghost with Zapier so that new Patrons are automatically added to the list of members in Ghost. But what about a full-fledged migration (as the post does use the word “migrate”)? I take it that this particularly means migrating each Patron’s Patreon-based Stripe setup. That being so, is it actually possible to migrate a Patron’s Stripe setup from Patreon over to Ghost? And if not, would this actually be possible as the beta progresses?

To be honest I’d been unsure for some time now whether or not this would even be technically possible and the if recourse would be to essentially ask Patron’s to individually shut down their associated Patreon membership and sign up to a Ghost-based membership.

Thanks for any clarification :slightly_smiling_face: