Newbie: Questions about Patreon and Ghost sites linking? Posting new adult content?

Hello I am really wanting to use Ghost website services but I have a few questions about linking my Adult 18+ content Patreon page to Ghost: (I create artistic female nudes and erotic images on Patreon)

First I am fully aware I can’t use Stripe on Ghost as they dont support adult content to process CC. I am also not wanting to use a third party gateway to collect monthly membership fees. I still plan to use Patreon to attract new Patrons and have them pay via Patreon. I just want to post more erotic work on my Ghost site and have my members be able to view it there and not directly on Patreon.

  1. If I build a new ghost site and link it to my Adult 18+ content patreon page will all my old / past Patreon posts be auto imported on to my new ghost website when using the Patron widget? Or do I need to copy and paste each old post into the new Ghost website? If auto import is possible, once that happens can I DELETE the patreon member only post on Patreon and have it remain on ghost site without it auto deleting on ghost website? Are Sites linked both ways or just patreon to ghost?

  2. Can I post NEW “Ghost only post and galleries” on my (patreon linked) ghost website without having them auto show up on patreon? Basically a one one way to new content.

  3. Can I keep my current paid Patreon subscribers on Patreon and have new ones join on Patreon but give them private / secure access to my ghost website with a username / email and password to view the adult content? I would not be charging them on the ghost side - only on Patreon, so to avoid using stripe (who doesn’t allow adult content) or an alternative 3rd party payment gateway. Just confirming this is an option?

  4. If I have a paid Patron who cancels their Patreon monthly membership will it automatically cancel their Ghost access to my website to close at the end of the month? Or do I need to go in and remove them on the ghost site each time they cancel before the next months starts? I have Patreon subscribers who join my patreon, then immediately cancel their membership so it doesnt auto renew each month. They can still see the content for that month but have to rejoin the next month to see the next months content. FYI - They do this to avoid auto rejoin or a “significant other” seeing their Patreon charges on their CC.

  5. If I decide to add paid monthly memberships to my Ghost site in the future I know I can’t use Stripe to process CC due to adult content and I must use another 3rd party gateway CC processor. I am looking to use CCbill or Zenti - does anyone have any experience using those companies? how easy is it to setup / use these optional payment processors on Ghost? I am leaning toward Zenti as thier CS was amazing when I called into them.

Sorry for the long questions I am just trying to be as clear on them as possible so its not too confusing on what I am asking. I hope some folks on here can provide helpful info. Thank you and I appreciate everyones time in answering my questions!!