Schedule/force webhook

I have a webhook working that fires posts into a store for searching. Unfortunately I have dozens of articles and pages that were created before the webhook was made. :sweat_smile:

Any tips/hints to force the webhook to fire on all the old posts? I thought I’d ask first before I tried to bulk update every document or click update manually…

Could you not just populate the store by using the Content API?

I’ll have to check again but I thought the document structure from the content API was different than the webhook - for example, I think the MobileDoc stuff is missing.

Since it’s a one-off, if you need access to the mobiledoc, you could use the Admin API since it includes the mobiledoc field :slight_smile:

Makes sense. I was kind of tempted to try to use this to spam updates and assume they would fire the associated webhook?

As long as your webhook is configured for Published post updated yes, it should fire