Scroll Bar / Social Media Share

Has anyone been able to figure out how to include the scroll bar/social media share buttons on a post, since the update to Ghost 3.0 on the default Casper theme?

It’s a shame that they took this waay following the update as the scroll bar/the share to facebook & twitter was one of my favourite features on the previous Casper theeme.

I know I could simply reinstall the Casper 2.0 theme, but I think the 3.0 is a better all-round theme. The only feature it’s missing is the scroll bar/social media share buttons, which is why I would like to add them to the Casper 3.0 theme.

If anyone has been able to update the new Casper theme to include these features, please could you let me know how you did it.

I recently ran into the same issue and wrote how I solved it. Check it out | domain for sale


Thank you :slight_smile: