Missing share on social media links

With the latest upgrade (1.21.7 and 1.22.x) I no longer have the icons/links to promote my story/post on social media platforms.
Prior to the update, I had icons on each post that would allow users to share the post on twitter, facebook, reddit, google. But these links are no longer available.
I’ve switched back to the default theme and still no links are available on any post.
Was this as designed for this version?
I did search but did not find any other posts with this issue.
Thank you.

P.S. I also see that tags are no longer visible either.

Can you explain this further? How does your post look like when you use the standard Casper theme?

Casper has never had any sharing links for reddit or google - sounds like you might’ve been using a browser extension which is no longer working?

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Its sad that I didn’t catch that. Something so simple. Thanks John for pointing out the obvious. Moving to firefox from chrome showed the links.

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Meaning the # tagged keywords. But John showed me the error of my ways. Thank you for responding!!!

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