Search for users in Ghost Editor

It is very difficult to manage users in Ghost Editor without having a search filter. I have a blog with 335 users so to find a user, the only way I can get to them is to scroll to the bottom, wait for the page to load more and repeat. Having a search would be nice or even the option to have all users load so I could do a CTRL-F to find who I am looking for.

Hi @mikegcox,

I created a github gist that solves your problem. It’s pretty easy to make it work for you. I used our open source search library to do it and it works pretty good.

You can get the code from here.

Click Raw button and then save the file.

After that you need to Setup a Custom integration.

Replace at line 36 with your Ghost admin url.
Replace 22444f78447824223cefc48062 at line 37 with your Integration key.

That is all.

Let me know if you managed to do it.

@mikegcox I’m not sure that I understand what you’re asking for. There is a global search box in the Ghost admin panel:

And another one in the Ghost Editor for when you’re adding authors to a story:

What is it that you aren’t able to do?

I now know what my customers feel like when I give them an answer to a question that should not have been asked. I never used the universal search box, I never even noticed it. I was wondering why there was good search functions everywhere except for users. Feeling embarrassed, thanks for the help. I think where I went wrong is that I expected the search to be above the list of users like the filters are above the list of articles. Thanks.

Truth be told :slight_smile:, there are some minor UX improvements that can probably be done in the ember admin, but that highly depends on who and how is looking at it. I feel your pain here as for me also it seems a bit out of place the search box as well as a few other items in the admin panel.

For example, as you mentioned, I would rather see the search box in the header to the main panel (near the new button, for example) in the stories, team and tags pages as it seems the search is focused on stories, pages, tags and users.

I would maybe add the subscribers page to the search box and place a box in that page as well.

Just my two cents, but we could create an idea on this topic and have the community vote on it.

A lot of these things are already being considered as part of a larger design refresh that will likely be rolled out incrementally in line with other work that is on-going. Design-by-comittee very rarely works so that sort of topic is unlikely to be productive.

I’m going to close this topic as there is already user search, it doesn’t need to be voted on.