Self-Serve Autoresponder, Tip Button, Plausible Analytics and More

Hi all,, a publisher co-op for Ghost sites, launched a self-serve sign-up with a free 21 day trial of our power features for Ghost sites. This includes:

  1. The Best Damn Autoresponder for Ghost: No more fiddling with Zapier/ConvertKit. All your business communications, welcome flows, upsells, and more handled by a system custom built for Ghost.

  2. A simple to use Tip Button that accepts all Stripe methods (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc) and Paypal, with no percentage taken by us. More than pays for itself and is simple to put in emails, posts or both.

  3. Plausible Analytics - The best Google Analytics alternative with no cookies. Included with all plans, and thanks to our co-op model, it’s cheaper to get all our features than to pay for this yourself.

We work with some of the biggest publishers on Ghost, including Lever News, Read Tangle, and The Atlantic, and now are making the tools they use available to all Ghost publishers, at flat rate prices that fit all budgets.

The free trial isn’t a trap, as none of our features lock you in.

We also have higher level plan that includes gift subscriptions, group subscriptions, Intelligent CTAs that show different messages to different levels of readers, and machine-learning driven internal content recommendations.

Launch announcement and our homepage.

Happy to answer any questions!