People who have small shops or are selling one or two products via their Ghost website, what's your setup?

I can see there’s a few different integrations listed here but I’m interested to hear what other people are using, successfully? And perhaps see some examples, if anyone wouldn’t mind linking to what they’ve got running?

The obvious choice for a simple to set up ecommerce store would be Shopify and have it on a subdomain at but I think Shopify is probably overkill (and too expensive) for people who just want to sell one or two designs of a t-shirt in different sizes and maybe a digital product like an ebook, photograph or something.

I would strongly prefer to use Stripe over Paypal, and because I have a couple of different sites something that isn’t restricted to a single domain would be best.

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I’m interested in this one as well, asked this question here already once but never got an answer. I tested Ecwid, but was not happy with that much, its loading very slow. Was also looking at Snipcart, but too complicated for me to implement currently. But I like the fact that the checkout stays on the site and its not redirecting you to other site (like with Shopify buy button). I was also thinking of a subdomain of Shopify but as you stating, its a little pricey. For me, it would be a lot of work to match the design with the blog design I think. I will have probably between 10-15 products in the beginning, so maybe it would work for me. But Im still kinda looking / hoping for someone who has a better solution.

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Same here - I’m planning on possibly using Gumroad in the future, or just have a product ‘post’ for each product with a link to stripe checkout and really simple order fulfillment.


If you wanna sell some Stuff regulary, don’t use a “Blog Software” for it. :sweat_smile:

When you just want to sell some small 2-3 Items on a regual basis, just create a Page for each Product with a Link to the Payment Information. For anything bigger or above that, use some decent Shop-Software. :wink:


I would go with Gumroad


Hi, @PixelzFairy

Ilnur from Ecwid Team here.

You wrote that you were unhappy with Ecwid. Can you share more details about your experience?

I got some help making a custom theme, to which I integrated product galleries using Cloudinary, Stripe Checkout for payment, and then I use for digital delivery by hooking into keywords in the Stripe receipts. I wish there were more digital delivery solutions that would integrate cleanly with Stripe, for people who don’t need file hosting or a checkout experience, just a way for a specific link to be emailed upon a transaction.

I’m wondering if you could perhaps use a Zapier integration with Stripe if all you want to do is deliver a URL? I assume the URL being delivered to the customer is uniquely-generated for them in some way, not just the same URL being delivered to multiple customers?

The URLs are only uniquely-generated in that they’re associated with one of six different products. It’s a pretty low-stakes operation so that’s all I need for now. I combed through Zapier last year and then again at your suggestion, but I didn’t see any recipes that fit the bill, which is strange.