Send same post to multiple newsletters

I have 3 newsletters in my ghost instance.

I want to have 1 newsletter like an catch-all. So everyone subscribed to this newsletter will just get everything.
But then I got topic-specific newsletters. And people should only get the post related to this topic.

When I send a post I can only choose one newsletter?
Is there a way of accomplishing my goal? Maybe I missed something.

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You can send bulk email to any segment of your members.

Yeah, the point is I only can choose one newsletter at a time.

In your example, I would like to use Publish weekly and Interviews.

Is that possible?

My subscribers should be able to decide if they are interested in news regarding a certain topic or if they want to get everything.

I’m not aware of a way (at least not through the ghost admin panel) to send to multiple newsletters at once. I 100% agree it’d be a useful feature. You might make a post in the Ideas forum, explaining how it’d be useful. (And I’ll come vote for it!)

Then lets upvote this :wink: