Send Post to multiple Newsletters

Currently, it is only possible to send a post to one newsletter. I can only divide the recipients into paid and non-paid.

However, my use case is this:

People who subscribe to my blog shall get all posts as a newsletter.
But then I have project-specific newsletters.
And some people might only be interested in that project but not all posts.

I want to send the project-specific newsletter to the project newsletter and people who have opted into the “get all news” newsletter.

Of course, there should be deduplication for those email.

There was some discussion already here:

I’ve voted for this because I have the exact same concept in my blog. One “all posts” newsletter, than two more specific topic-based newsletters. Most of my posts would go to 2 of the 3 newsletters.

I would also use this feature. While it’s possible to duplicate and send to two newsletters, it means anyone subscribed to both gets two copies.

It’d be possible to run one newsletter and mark members by label for which topics they want to receive, but there’s no built in way for a member to edit their labels, so this is not an easy workaround.

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I explicitly did not write how the feature should work in detail.
But yes, deduplication for emails for the same recipient should be done.

But it could be on the lower level inside the ghost code.
Their choice.