Separating Ghost Admin Panel and Front-End

Quoting Ghost,

" Security & trust
If running the front-end of your site and the Ghost admin client on the same domain, there are certain permissions escalation vectors which are unavoidable.

Ghost considers staff users to be “trusted” by default - so if you’re running in an environment where users are untrusted, you should ensure that Ghost-Admin and your site’s front-end run on separate domains."

I have many writers that will be writing on my publication on Ghost, I would not consider them “trusted”. What is the best way to go about this, so I am as safe as possible?

This section of the docs is suggesting that you run the Admin and Frontend on 2 separate domains. This is automatically how Ghost works if you’re using Ghost(Pro).

If you’re self-hosting, you’d need to decide on your 2 domains, point both of them at your Ghost install, and ensure SSL is setup for both as per the docs on SSL for additional domains:

Then you would update your configuration so that the main URL and admin URL are set as desired:

Ghost always requires a restart after config changes.

Would this require 2 hosting accounts? Or could this all be configured on 1 hosting account?

It’s a single Ghost install, configured to serve different parts of the application from different domains.

e.g. and

As it doesn’t require 2 installs it also doesn’t require 2 hosting accounts.

Okay I am going to try to set this up, do you publish posts from the front-end or the admin?

I have everything set up on my 1 domain including sending emails to members, will I have to switch any of that to the other domain?

All post editing and publishing is managed in Ghost Admin.

Members is part of the frontend.

As long as you configure Ghost correctly to know what the 2 URLs you want to use are, it’ll handle everything for you. Again, this is the default setup on Ghost(Pro) - you might want to consider hosting with us so we handle all this for you :slight_smile:

I would switch to Ghost(PRO) if they didn’t charge so high for having more staff users. I work with many writers and cannot afford the pricing system for Ghost(PRO) with all my writers.

Issue here is that it only seems to work for a root domain and a subdomain as all content is served from the admin url and wont show in a second subdomain.

eg. and - Content is in the CMS on admin however the content is served through demo

@tomMission if you’re trying to report a genuine problem, please be more specific. It sounds like one of your domains is misconfigured as there are no restrictions for what the two domains can be in Ghost itself.