How to deploy Blog Hosting Service

Dear Ghost Community,

as a newbie, would like to know If
one Ghost Installation can be used to host and manage several Blogs ?

I am looking for a solution where :

1)In a main page clients sign up to create their own blogs

2)In a secondary client-page , clients can update their own blog posts , assign a domain, …

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to do this, and/or tutorial links ?

Kind Regards

I think not.

Every Ghost instance is 1 Ghost website.

Even if you can I wouldn’t do it to not create problems with Stripe and the memberships.

You can have 1 Ghost website with several authors, or have more than one newsletter on every Ghost website (recently added feature).

But you can’t have 1 instance that separates the content into different domains or subdomains.

So if your goal is to have every client login and publish, every one of them would need their instances.

I create some tutorials about this on my blog and YT channel (not exclusively focused on Ghost)

In summary:

  • 1 instance = 1 Ghost website.
  • Managed hosting for Ghost is a breeze and I’m a big defender that it’s the best way.