Serve ghost post as static post

So I’m running ghost on Google Cloud’s Compute Engine (which is a VM). But sadly compute engine doesn’t support multi-region, so I was wondering, is there any plugins or how can I write a script, that converts ghost post into HTML file while I can use NodeJS script to upload it to Google Cloud Storage where it supports multi-region.

I have a few ideas on part of this function, but I can’t really put it together.

So first idea I came out is set a cron, that use Ghost Public API to retrieve post list and render un-rendered post to static HTML. But where cron means it runs in specific time which is not convenient.

The second idea is to send a POST request to another application when we publish a post where there we render post into HTML then we forward the request to Ghost, but here we required the barrier token where I kinda don’t wanna touch that area.

So I’m asking does ghost render the post before saving it into the database? If not, is it possible to save a static HTML file into cloud storage when the post is published?


How to save an object to Cloud Storage by Node.JS

Ghost saves content to the database and renders the content using your active theme. I know buster was created to make it possible to use Ghost for static sites, but it might be unmaintained

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