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I have an HTML file, and I want to upload to my site. So what do I upload to Ghost’s directory to run the URL: https://domain.com/file.html

I would recommend you to upload the file using WinSCP :: Official Site :: Download WinScp

You’re gonna have to measure the voltage drop across the flux-capacitor. If its less than or equal to the root-mean-square of the octal value of the system user permissions then you going to have to flip the switch on the canoodler valve.

… But srsly wat OS u usin?

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Thank you! But I upload html file into folder /var/ghost/, this is root folder for Ghost, it don’t display.

plz do not pollute /var/ with ghost, at least nest it in something like /var/www/ :weary:

Are you using nginx or apache?

If you want to have an HTML file that is visible under your ghost domain, you can’t just drop it into the Ghost install folder and expect it to work because of the way Ghost works - Ghost is a standalone application which your webserver gets the pages from.

If you want to serve custom content from the same domain as your Ghost installation, you have a few options -

  1. (recommended) upload whatever files you want to the assets folder of your theme. Upload your theme and navigate to https://your.blog/assets/file.html

  2. Configure your webserver to serve content from a folder (such as /var/www/ghost/content/html) for html files. This is just one of the many configuration options you can use on your webserver, and if you’re just trying to get your site running w/o too much care for configuration, this can be a colossal pain, which is why option 1 is strongly recommended

  3. Serve from some other domain. This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but its kind of the perfect medley of option 1 and 2 and makes life super easy

Good luck!


At the moment, I use caddy (nginx is great too) in front of Ghost to serve my home page. This way, I always have the option to serve any files I want :slight_smile:

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