Newbie here. Can I add the blog post to an external website?


I am looking for a candidate to add a blogging engine to an existing website. Is it possible to do this with Ghost? In other words, client logs into Ghost, writes and publishes a blog post. Then that post appears on their website (not Ghost).




Absolutely! You can put content from Ghost wherever you want, in lots of different ways.

There’s an API you can use to pull content down. Public data (i.e. published posts) can be fetched either client or server side depending on your needs.
There’s also webhooks if you want to trigger something to handle the content on publish, aaaand there’s a Zapier integration, if the site you’re pulling content into also supports Zapier.

Take a look at our API documentation here:

Can provide more specific information if you share a little about the site you want to display the posts on, and how you hope to do it :slight_smile:


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