Setting Up Private Forums

I have ghost pro. I want to set up a private forums page much like we have here. But I don’t want it public or funneled into this forum. That’s the advice I received last time I asked about this topic. I want to have two levels of membership to my site—(1) paid newsletter subscribers and (2) members allowed into private forums. Please advise.

Thank you.

It sounds like Ghost’s membership tiers might be the ticket:

You could create a newsletter tier and forum tier. Then, you could create a page that has the link to the forum that is restricted to the relevant tier or redirect to a special welcome page on signup.

Thank you. I have set up tiers but it seems that that only is effective in blinding one tier from content created exclusively for another tier. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I am looking to establish a forum, in which everyone who belongs to that particular tier can contribute/chat/etc. If ghost doesn’t figure out a way to do this, it will lose biz to locals. Thanks again.

What platform are you using for your forum?

Ghost forums are using discourse or at least it looks VERY VERY similar.

Though keep in mind it’s a different app with different users and auth mechanism. I don’t know if an easy way to synchronize users between r forum and ghost.