Setting up the server (Node.js)


I’m just trying to configure my managed vServer for that it runs Ghost.
I’m not really good in these server-technical-issues. My knowledge ist more the design and HTML/CSS.

I’m running Plesk. For the domain with the blog I activated Node.js.
When I do so, two things happen:

  1. The whole webspace is not available anymore (although it’s nothing than a simple index.html at the moment)
  2. Plesk shows me, that the file “app.js” does not exist.

My questions:

1. Is this a common behavior, that the whole website stops working, as soon as Node.js ist activated but not properly installed/configured?
2. What o do with the non existent app.js? I tried to create a file with this name in the root, where Node.js is supposed to be installed/activated, but this doesn’t change anything. Probably I have to create it on a different way?

Kind regards