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Akshay’s Blog on programming with Ruby on Rails.

I try to share solutions to problems that I faced or new things I learned about Ruby and the Rails framework.

Here’s my website with Casper Theme:

Hi everyone :wave:

Loving the platform :slight_smile: I’ve just moved 20+ years of posts over to Ghost. I’ve been calling it a “remaster”, as I’ve tried to clean up and modernise them. I had lots of small images, dead links, insecure HTTP links etc to fix. Great to finally (re)launch.

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I just set up and am so happy with how Ghost allows for really easy HTML blocks, which I used in a recent interactive post “On user intent”. (I’ll also add that I feel respects user intent when it comes to the branding on newsletter email signatures – the fact that I’m allowed to take out their marketing is wonderfully generous and makes me happy to include it.)

Data Phoenix is your best friend in learning and growing in the data world! We publish digest, organize events and help expand the frontiers of your knowledge in ML, CV, NLP, and other aspects of AI.

My new daily news site (all about public safety in Berkeley, CA) is LIVE as of today - thanks to excellent support from Ghost and also Uri Bram and his crack developer team at The Browser (best business decision I’ve made so far!!). Getting very strong support already (IMO). I started signing up paying members pre-launch and am up to almost 150 as of official Day 1. Here’s the site (love the Headline theme):

2 Likes with Basho Theme

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@Berkeley_Scanner Whoa! You are brave, my sister!

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@denvergeeks, I think you meant to tag @Berkeley_Scanner , not me ?


So far so good! Approaching 400 paying members… Google still doesn’t seem to know I’m here, despite constantly having GSC index stories… which is frustrating. I’m told I just have to wait it out. The site comes up but individual stories are completely buried. Still waiting for Google News to register my app, too. Anyway, in time! :)

Wow. How long has the Scanner pub been up? 400 paying members?

We launched Sept. 29 (although I started signing up paying members with a very loose campaign a week or so prior). Just looked at the numbers to confirm - it’s closer to 350 paying members, but I’m still doing outreach to my own contacts so I hope to add more even before Google discovers me…

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I’m also running my blog with the Casper theme:

I like the modified subscribe button! “We can’t do it without you” is very apt :wink:


Hah! That’s an awesomely ironic post you have there

Haha thanks. It was fun to make. There’s the equally ironic How to Blog Professionally, but don’t let it get you down!

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Ahah that one is cool too! :sweat_smile: I love how you varied the typing speed at the correct moments

Not much right now, but I’m working on it. Still tweaking the theme to my liking as well. - using the Dawn theme.

:brain: A blog about personal development. (mindset, how to study effectively and neurolinguistic programming).

with a theme from Ali Abdaal

Guys, I created my own portfolio website using Ghost on AWS. You can check it out and show some love.