Sharing a post on Twitter with a preview

When I share a post to Twitter, it does not include any image in the tweet. To be clear, I am copying and pasting a link in twitter and then publishing it.
I have thought that perhaps I needed to set a featured image, but that also did not work.

How can I tweet so that my featured image is included?

Hi @jel,

Open the editor and follow the screenshots to customize the image for sharing on Twitter.

Please remember the Twitter dimensions for links are 800 x 418 pixels




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The solution from @tiago is great–it lets you set a custom image for Twitter!

By default, your feature image–if set–will be used on Twitter.

A great tool to preview how things will look on Twitter is the Twitter card validator, which will give you a preview of what your link will look like on the platform.

Ghost also generates a Twitter preview for you. When on a post, click Preview and then on the Twitter icon.


Really helpful info guys. Thanks for taking the time @Tiago and @TheRoyalFig . Much appreciated.