Facebook Share not Showing Preview Image Properly

I am trying to create share buttons to share my posts. I copied from this article: How to add sharing buttons to your Ghost blog. It is one year old, so I believe its solutions should still be relevant. However, none of the buttons are working.

For starters, the Twitter and Pinterest buttons create a post with the content ‘[object Object] example.com’. Has anyone had that happen to them or think they know a solution?

Twitter’s Card Validator says, “ERROR: Fetching the page failed because other errors.”

Then, for Facebook, it shares properly except for the preview image. I have the preview image set in the Facebook card in Ghost Settings, and it is a jpeg. Facebook’s Developer Preview Tool shows an og:image, og:title, og:url, etc, however in the preview (and when I actually try sharing it) there is no image. I can’t figure out why facebook can have an og:image but not display it. I’ve read online that if the og:image uses https it can’t fetch the image properly. Can anyone verify that? And if that’s the case, does Ghost provide a solution? The url I’m using for ghost is https, and I don’t want to revert it to http.

As for LinkedIn, it just doesn’t work. It says, " Something went wrong Refresh the page." At Post Inspector, it says:

URL information

Last scraped in a few seconds
Fetched URL https:// example. com/article

URL redirect trail

1 0 undefined https:// example. com/article

Error We encountered a server error while trying to inspect the URL.

It’s driving me to my wit’s end, sorry if I sound frustrated. Does anyone have experience with these problems and know a solution?

Please check your website TLS version. I am using Cloudflare and added TLS v1.3. Same thing happened to me. Then I downgraded it to TLS v1.2, then it worked perfectly.