Sign-up form for one of multiple newsletters

I’m struggling a little bit with the existing Ghost documentation around memberships and the portal in a scenario where there are multiple newsletters.

Is there any way to create a sign-up form that does the following:

(Where two newsletters exist, Newsletter 1 and Newsletter 2).

If user is not a member:

  • become a member
  • sign up for newsletter 2
  • do not sign up for newsletter 1
  • display confirmation (“thanks for signing up”)

If user is already member:

  • sign up for newsletter 2
  • make not change to user’s existing email membership preferences
  • display confirmation (“thanks for signing up”)

Note that currently, the portal is set to automatically subscribe new “members” to newsletter 1.

For a little more context:
I have a self-hosted ghost blog, and deliver a single newsletter (newsletter 1) to readers of this blog. I have recently ported my entire email list to Ghost, as it seems (mostly) feature-complete enough for me to run this newsletter on. I capture new subscribers using “portal button” (configurable in the “look and feel” section of the portal settings), which works since I have configured the portal to automatically add new members to newsletter 1.

This was not ideal/perfect, but worked well enough…. That is, until I decided to create a second newsletter (newsletter 2) to run independently of newsletter 1.

Now I’m not sure how to give users the ability to only sign up for newsletter 2, without having to walk them through a (sort of) non-intuitive signup process: become a member, go into your settings, toggle “newsletter 2” on. I want to provide a simple signup form so that readers can simply add their email to the list for “newsletter 2” and not faff around with membership settings. In my ideal world, subscribers to this newsletter will never have to bother with their account settings, much like in more traditional email list software.

Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

As far as I have seen, the option for newsletter two is still available on sign-up, it just takes an extra step to tick the box.

Thanks for the Reply. I’m really looking for a way to provide a sign-up form that pre-fills the second box, or directly subscribes users to newsletter 2 without the extra step. Is this possible?

At what point would the member sign of for newsletter 2?
What you can do is offer both newsletters at sign-up and tick them both so the person can uncheck the one they don’t want.

Yup — I understand that. I want to disable newsletter 1 by default in this signup flow.

Put another way, here is what I am trying to accomplish:

  1. User types their email into a form and hits submit.
  2. User is signed up for newsletter 2. They receive a confirmation message.
  3. That’s all. User is never signed up for newsletter 1 and they do not have uncheck anything or fuss with any settings.

I am trying to avoid having my users accidentally sign up for newsletter 1 because they did not remember to uncheck the box.

You can disable “subscribe new members at sign-up”.