Sign up form for multiple newsletters

So, if I understand this correctly… when you have multiple newsletters under the same Ghost account, users must subscribe to the main newsletter to receive emails from the added newsletter?

Is there a way to create a stand-alone subscription form for a second newsletter?

Yep - Docs for that can be found here:

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Thanks. So, just to be clear… without tweaking the code, there’s no way for folks to subscribe to a second newsletter?

Ah apologies, perhaps I misunderstood your question.

When a person signs up through the Portal modal, they’ll be able to choose the newsletters that they’d like to receive. If not going through the native portal (i.e. an input on the homepage), new signups will be added to whichever newsletter(s) are set to Subscribe new members on signup in each newsletters’ settings.

Alternatively, if they’re existing subscribers, you can send them here to allow them to manage their preferences / sign up to a second newsletter.