Sign up vs signup copy change

Hi, I have a very easy improvement to suggest. (I’m using Lyra.) The correct usage is “sign up” as verb and “signup” as noun and it’s backwards in a bunch of places. These are the ones I’ve seen that should be changed:

  • footer > change “Signup” to “Sign up”
  • signup page > change "Signup to " to "Sign up to "
  • subject line in activation email > change “Complete your sign up” to “Complete your signup”
  • body of activation email > change “complete the sign up process” to “complete the signup process”

Ideally, I would argue that the language should be “subscribe” instead of “sign up” to match the button at the top right, but at the very least it would be amazing to have grammatical copy. :slight_smile: Thanks!


A perfectionist, huh.

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I see this all over the web! I’m happy others out there notice this too :smile:

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PRs are always welcome! Everything is open source: