Signing up with Stripe Payment Link

Hi there,

I’m wondering if it is possible to use a Stripe Payment Link (edited checkout inside Stripe) to give readers the possibility to add their Billing Address at purchasing time.

Another idea is turning off “Allow free member signup” and add the new member with an automation at Make (Integromat), I guess. This way… member tier tags will still be working so members can access also to the posts tagged with “tag”?


If you have connected Stripe to Ghost and added Tiers, you can create payment links for those subscriptions in Stripe. People using that link, will automatically be synced back to Stripe.

Thanks @mulderfrank.

I have connected Stripe to Ghost, added a Tier and created payment link for that Tier with billing fields inside Stripe.

I expected that people signing up from Ghost on that Tier with my custom payment link on Stripe will be displayed my custom checkout set up at Stripe. But it’s not happening…

What do you mean by “People using that link, will automatically be synced back to Stripe.”?

I mean, people using that payment link will be also synced back on my Ghost Tier?

If that is the case… I guess I should set Access > Subscription Access > None on my Ghost Pro and make people join with my payment link in a Ghost button.

Am I right?

oops → …synced back to Ghost.

ok! That case… that would be perfect! :slight_smile:

Let’s try!

Thanks for you soon reply.